Language apps are boring.

The Problem

Language apps are boring. Looking at pictures of things and people you’ve never seen before and trying to memorize new word to call them is not very helpful.

The human brain learns using associations. In order to remember something, we must connect it with something you already know.

It has to be relatable. Learning a new language is all about you. That’s why we created Youlingual.

It's about you.

The Solution

We want to make language-learning fun and easy. Youlingual teaches you new words based on your own photos, you already know and love.

First, you select the language to learn and login with Instagram. Then we use the Clarifai API to generate vocabulary from your pictures using image recognition in real-time. And then we play a game!

real-time image recognition of your feed

The Game

Instead of translating, Youlingual expands your vocabulary by playing. We give you four images—but only matches the word you’re just about to learn.

Fail fast and learn by trying again. It’s addictive.

Learn by failing!

The Perspective

This web-app was built during a two days JAMStack Hackathon, where it won third place. Although we’ve built just a minimal viable product, it provoked people’s interest and proofed the concept to be successful.

Watch our interview or read about us in the freeCodeCamp article:

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