The Problem

There’s an old exhibition about medical history in Steno Museum, Aarhus. It takes a lot of reading and imagination to learn and experience it. But most of its visitors are high school students... how might we catch their attention?

The Solution

Playing is the best way to learn, right? We design a game that combines quiz questions with entertaining action tasks to keep the learning fun. And it’s addictive!

You are the new assistant of doctor __, your guide through the exhibition. You have to perform difficult tasks and answer questions to save patients’ lives. At the end of the game you’re rewarded with a certificate (badge) based on how well you did.

This is not just a boring quiz!


To develop minimum viable product in just about a week, we had to choose the right technology. Using React Native allowed us to develop cross-platform app using something we already knew—JavaScript. 

There were a few challenges in UI development, which is fundamentally different than what we’re used to on the web. Thanks to third-party libraries, we were able to develop advanced interactions like dragging.

React Native to the rescue!


We’ve measured the success by the level of addiction that our classmates developed by playing the game. Moreover,  we have received very positive feedback from the museum managers, who were very impressed by the concept as well as quality of the delivery.

Are you interested?

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