The problem

FiskeFerie is a Norwegian travel agency. If you’d like to book your holiday with them, you would have to make a call, find available dates, get back to your calendar, and finally make another call to book the holidays.

If you’re like me, afraid of calling people, you would probably go elsewhere.

On the other side of the story, there is a small office of two people responsible for everything on earth plus receiving bookings from the customers. The single source of truth is a Google Calendar where all the booking are manually noted.

Google Calendar was the most convenient tool for my client

The solution

To simplify the booking process and save time in the office, I have developed an online booking system. The users can quickly see available dates, and if they like one, booking is just a few clicks away.

For the fastest and smoothest user’s experience, I followed the JAMstack development architecture.

  1. All data is stored in a headless CMS or a third party service. The client can keep using Google Calendar to manage bookings. For editing websites content, I used, a CMS with beautiful editing experience (and multilingual support)
  2. The data is fetched via API into a React application. Using a static site generator (Gatsby), the app is “exported” into a static website. Any dynamic functionality (booking calendar) is provided with AWSLambda functions.
  3. The static files are deployed to a CDN, ensuring a maximum page load speed. Using a Webhook, a new build is triggered every time the content in the CMS changes. 
How to make blazing-fast websites
Customers now see available dates instantly


Using modern technology allowed me to create a fast and smooth users experience without alternating the workflow in the company.

If you want to explore the solution or go on a fishing trip to Norway, visit the website at

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