The Concept

The core idea of my design is unity. I believe that all humans are equal and we shouldn’t draw a line based on our nationality. Although we’re all different, there is one thing that unites us: We all want to live a decent life.

Education is perceived as the key to success. So don’t we all deserve the opportunity?

Educational institutions also unite us. It is a place where new social bonds are made between people coming from many different directions. Mission College is placed at the center of the design in front of the big sun shining on all sides (MC logo allusion). The sun is also a symbol of a beautiful goal of a difficult journey. Many people have to move to a different country to find their place in the sun.

The design is also referring to the Dreamers Act Movement. It shares the strong slogan: “Dreams Unite Us” and the symbolic flowers in the colors of the United States flag. To complete the allusion to the flag, three red stripes are billowing in the wind along with the dynamic architecture at Mission College campus. Lastly placed a white star inside the letter “A” in the word “dreams”, “A” standing for the American Dream.

The Final Design

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