The problem

The task was to develop a personal portfolio that would give reflect the author’s personality (myself). I started by conducting a throughout research (about myself, of course) and analyzing my target audience.

The result brought a challenge to solve:

If the portfolio was to represent myself, it must be quite talkative.

Conversation was the ultimate inspiration.

The Process

In the perfect world, I would be present on my website 24/7, video calling with every single visitor individually. Unfortunately technology’s not quite there yet, and so I had to be “hard coded” to some extent.

However, I have kept the idea of chatting with the visitors as an ideal solution. I understood that human conversation is probably the most natural and efficient way of communication. Knowing the power of a small talk, I imagined what would my pitch to a client look like.

There were there basic questions I had to answer:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is my work?
  3. How to contact me?
Mindmaping the message

The Solution

I was looking for a compromise. The solution had to imitate a real conversation to engage the user and convey the information in a natural way. At the same time, I had to reflect how user’s navigate through information online.

The user chooses from a menu of questions at the bottom of the page. The answer is reveal under, gradually creating a “conversation timeline”. This way, answers are never forgotten and user can always come back to review them.

Visit the live site at:

The final design

Are you interested?

I am currently looking for a student job, starting August 2019. Let me know how can I help you.

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