“The spirit of the agency should represent ourselves” kept running through our minds. “Okay, so what are you like?” we asked each other.

After we knew each other’s favorite color, hobbies and other irrelevant information,  we came up with more important questions:

  • What makes a good design?
  • How is design important to you?
  • Why are you in branding class?

“A good design is outstanding."

Surely, there are million things designed well to blend in, but that wasn’t our focus. As an ad agency, we wanted to empathize that our work will grab attention and provoke interest.


But what do we call it? We couldn’t find the perfect word. So we made-up one:

  • Odd: differing in nature from what is ordinary, usual, or expected (In a good way!)
  • -ify: to make something be in a particular quality (it's a process)

We followed the name with a map of associations, to clarify the meaning and establish the message we tell.

Redefining the odds...


We started from paper. To goal was to capture any visual representation of Oddify. From wordmarks and icons to the craziest associations.

From the infinite list of ideas, we have then selected our 9 strongest candidates and pasted them on a white board. We have surrounded them with words that clients use to describe a good design agency.

We had two ways to go:

  1. Enthusiastic, creative, fun.
  2. Professional, reliable, cooperative.

The sweet spot was somewhere in the middle.

How odd can we afford to be 🤔

Line art

It narrowed down to 3 strongest ideas, that had a chance to be both professional and fun. We turned them to digital, exploring their best potential.

The solution

The final logo is a perfect compromise. It uses an elegant Helvetica-style typeface, which makes the agency look professional and trustworthy. The first letter of the word is an eyeball. This catches attention and brings a human aspect to it. Why so serious?

Download the final brand identity assets:

Brand Identity Package

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