In the final exam project, our four member them was facing a big challenge. Our client was an established mattress foam supplier. His business was B2B only, and the marketing reflected it. This product, however, was meant to be sold directly to customers, who are already overwhelmed by the number of choices.


I had never thought that mattresses are such a big deal. But once you start looking, you see them everywhere. We we amazed by the branding efforts of companies like Casper, Tuft and Needle, or Koala. The quality of support is also very high. A free shipping is a must, and most of the companies offer 90 days trial.

Target Audience

We knew that the key to success of our client's small company would be precise segmentation of the target audience. We have eliminated other markets than Denmark, where our client was based. The idea of a foam mattress shipped in a box is a rather modern, which made us focus on younger audience.

The best fit seemed to be "The New Generation", which focuses on time and convenience of the purchase. We also targeted "Quality Seekers", who are passionate about high-quality products that they believe in.

Sarah, typical "Quality Seeker"
Peter represents "The New Generation"


We have developed a simple matrix to turn research data into a strategy. And it worked like magic!

We understood we need to follow best practices of our competitors to level up with them on the B2C market. Missing online presence could be best solved by mobile-first approach and strong social media campaign. To make us trustworthy as a new-entry to the market, it was necessary to include a free trial with the product.

Most importantly, we needed to stand out from our competitors in this highly saturated market. That's why we needed a strong brand identity.

Sage and Innocent to positively communicate product features
Warm and soothing colors to give you the sleep you can only dream about

The Message

Our product offers many advantages like breathable materials, convenient shipping and the quality of Danish design & production. The most unique, however, is the double-sided foam inside. Choose your side: Firm or Soft?

We needed to organise the information in a comprehensive and persuasive way. Using the Card Sorting technique, we have developed information architecture for the web presentation.

Stickers! Let's see what sticks...

Social Media

Designing content for social media helped us see the new-born brand in action. We focused on creating various campaigns to meet our SMART goals for online presence.

Establishing social media presence.


We used the Scrum (agile) development method with two iterations. Agile method allows specification changes, therefore, we can work tightly with the client and build on his feedback. We can test a complete product at the end of each stage. When introducing a new product, we needed to ensure that things are done right.

Design—Test, Design—Test, Design—Test...


We created the full package to help Nott successfully enter the mattress market. From researching opportunities and developing strategies, to designing a strong brand identity and content for web presentation and social media. To see the centerpiece of our product, visit Nott website.

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