Web Design & Development


I’ve build websites for small business. From undestanding the client to the final product, I pay attention to details to ensure high-quality product and client’s satisfaction.

Multimedia Design and Communication

@Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark

I have completed 7 teamwork and 2 individual projects. I’ve learned how to lead a team through the UX design process and agile development method.

Front-end Developer

@PIXIU s.r.o., Czech Republic

Working remote in a small team allowed me to learn from my colleagues and quickly grasp how web development works in a real business.

Graphic Design

@Mission College of Silicon Valley

I am currently on a semester abroad in California. I focus on improving my skills in communication, animation  and branding. Living in the Silicon Valley leads me to succeed in this fast-changing industry.

Web Development Internship

@Gusto IDS

During my five months at this industry leading agency, I've elevated the quality of my work and learned how to develop complex web solutions.



I am currently looking for a student job, starting August 2019. Let me know how can I help you.

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