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Vichr is a traditional hardware store in the centre of my hometown, Brno. Their brand is very well known among the locals, but their online presence wasn’t really a thing. That’s why I came, helping to build meaningful web presentation.


I have started the project by several interviews with the owner of the company to help me understand their current marketing strategy. Then I went into a desk research, looking on web presence of similar companies. I’ve analyzed the company’s market position and competition, looking for opportunities that the new website could bring.

Old Vichr logo Obchodní dům Vichr Prodejna Vichr Uhelná zboží u Vichra
I kept my eyes open, observing and learning about this place as much as I could.


Creating powerful web presentation for Vichr was, and still is a continuous process. Instead of making the solution all at once, I keep improving and adding new functionalities piece by piece. This progressive enhancement seems much more appropriate for a company with a stable clientele.

Conservative design
While working with well-estimated brand, it's important to keep things consistent and continuous. I try to make changes as seamlessly as possible, preserving the continuity of the website.


With almost 5000 visitors every month, there are plenty of opportunities for testing. One of the major tools I use is Google Analytics, which helps me understand customers behaviour regarding the website. I have also used SmartLook, software monitoring user's activity on the website.

Google analytics - sessions by device Google analytics – users by time of day